Ken Collins on John Wesley 03: Free Grace

Ken Collins on John Wesley 03: Free Grace

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Listen in on Steve Martyn and Ken Collins as they host a series preaching through John Wesley’s sermons.

This week, enjoy Free Grace (Romans 8:32). Check back every Sunday for a new sermon, and view the entire collection here.

Learn more about the new collection of John Wesley’s sermons here.


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    1. Philip,
      Thanks for your interest in this. At some point we will make these downloadable for a small fee, but for now will remain only available via streaming.

  1. Wonderful lecture by Dr. Collins. He truly has helped in explaining the conjunction of both free grace and cooperative grace. Wesleyan theology describes the character of God in holy love and the high and wonderful idea of what it is to be a human being.

    I have listened to these lectures many times and I always, always learn something different from them in terms of the nuances of Wesleyan theology

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