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I’m Professor of Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. I have taught there since 1987. For those who care, my Ph.D. is from Yale University and I have ongoing research and publication in the field of Old Testament Interpretation. I love my wife of 34 years, my three adult children & my one son-in-law. I love our three psychopathic horses & two sociopathic cats, but not the squirrels who roost in our attic. I love my job—studying & teaching the Old Testament on every level, scholarly & popular, in all its facets—language, literary qualities, its historical, cultural, geographical and archaeological background—not to mention its theological truth and transforming, spiritual power. I loved telling the Old Testament stories to my children, using lego blocks to build scenes with them from the Bible, and seeing them make up imaginary games based on the Bible.

I love sharing horseback rides with Angie and anyone else who joins us—it’s why we have a third horse! I take special pleasure in close friendships with a few trusted fellow-travellers who have become like family and who know most of my secrets, many of my demons and all of my shortcomings, and stick with me anyway! The virtues I respect the most are loyalty, generosity and courage. I have played around with guitars all my life and love most kinds of music, but especially jazz.  I collect and restore vintage firearms, for which I load my own ammunition, often to the original specifications and enjoy photography, drystone masonry, hiking in high country and, of course, visiting and learning in the lands of the Bible.

I have a passion for consciously remembering the blessings of life. Trauma & pain are self-propelled, self-implanting, self-propagating. Blessing and joy, it seems, have to become a discipline or they slip away. I believe we must implant and propagate joy in our lives by intentionally commemorating the good gifts God brings our way. Photographs, souvenirs, journals and, yes, blogs, are not just trivia floating on the sea of social media; they are small but powerful sacramental moves against the tide of darkness and loss of life. And by the grace of Christ, who said “This do in remembrance of me,” they will win!