Lay Mobilization Institute Phase 1 - Seedbed
Lay Mobilization Institute

Phase 1

Phase 1 lays the foundation your congregation needs to begin the journey to make disciples. At the Lay Mobilization Institute, we believe that pastors are disciples, too. In John 15, Jesus clearly states that we produce fruit only by abiding in Him; apart from Him we can do nothing. Therefore, we foster a team-based model of discipleship, mission and ministry, seeing Christ-likeness in a community context.

During Phase 1, our team provides you with a congregational assessment to allow you to recognize your congregational strengths and weaknesses, growing into a greater spiritual richness.

We invite pastors and lay leaders to attend Phase 1 individually or as a group. Those attending should pray, discern and recruit the optimum team to continue the journey in Phases 2-4.