Lay Mobilization Institute Phase 2-4 - Seedbed
Lay Mobilization Institute

Phase 2-4

Beginning with Phase 1, the remainder of the Lay Mobilization Institute requires a team of 5-12 leaders from each congregation. These teams likely develop from those present at Phase 1.

During Phase 2, your team develops a team covenant based on your church’s expectations, intentions and goals. The covenant gives clear expectations to each team member based on the structure you decide as a team and provides healthy accountability.

During Phase 3 congregational teams continue the discipleship journey. Building on the learning from Phase 2, this consultation focuses on the development and implementation of an intentional disciple-making system, based on congregational mission and values. Each plan is tailored to your particular congregation and your vision for the future.

Phase 4 focuses on the multiplication of your congregational team to transform your community. We want to help your church create a lay movement. At this consultation, we will discuss ways you can reproduce your team’s discipleship DNA into other areas of your congregation and community. As this occurs, teams of lay ministers continue to refine and implement their God-given vision.

The Lay Mobilization Institute has teamed up with Spiritual Leadership, Inc. to offer coaching between the consultations, beginning at Phase 2. Spiritual Leadership, Inc. is a nationally recognized leadership learning organization that makes loving, learning and leading the hallmark of its leadership formation process. This partnership provides congregations participating in the Lay Mobilization Institute with a proven system for discipleship and leadership. Spiritual Leadership, Inc. has successfully served numerous congregational communities through its tried and tested incubator process. The Lay Mobilization Institute is proud to be associated with this proven method of community transformation through spiritual growth.

During Phase 2-4, coaches assist the congregational teams in developing communication strategies to involve their entire congregation in the learning and discernment process. The intent of coaching is to mobilize the entire people of God in ministry and mission within each congregation in order to transform the world around them. As such, the congregational teams cannot function in isolation from their congregations. We intentionally start with just a few leaders, but in order for multiplication and mobilization to occur, coaches will help pastor-lay teams to creatively foster community-wide participation regularly along the way.