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Lay Mobilization Institute

Lay Mobilization Institute

What is the Lay Mobilization Institute?

The Lay Mobilization Institute is not just a conference—it is a congregational transformation process. It consists of a four-part series for pastors and key lay partners. Pastors and lay teams help you make the most of a retreat-like setting, high-impact worship, biblical and theological reflection and practical strategy sessions. When the consultation ends, the congregational work begins. Pastor and lay teams who attend receive their own congregation transformation coach to help wade into the spiritual depths Christ has for them—personally and corporately. In monthly coaching sessions, these partners turn obstacles into the opportunities to which God may be calling them.

Our Mission

The intent of the Lay Mobilization Institute is to mobilize the entire people of God as disciple-making disciples in ministry & mission within each congregation in order to transform the world around them.

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