Life and Life Abundantly



Sunday entries are taken from the classic devotional series In Christ by E. Stanley Jones.


We have looked at the tragic results of being out of Christ, and now we will turn to the triumphant results of being in Christ. There are both sides, and if we listen only to one side we become half persons, listening only to the half facts. In Europe, the joyous smaller bells ring out the quarter hours while the deep-toned solemn bells sound out the hours. Life holds both the joyous silver bells and the deep-toned serious and solemn bells. In Jesus, the joyous predominate—the solemn are an undertone, the joyous, the overtone. The Christian faith proclaims life—only its absence is death. “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Life is ours the very moment our life is put by surrender in Christ. The moment the little boy transferred the ownership of the five loaves and two fishes from himself to Jesus, those loaves and fishes were under the law of multiplication—under the law of life. Anything in His hands has life. It has security for time and eternity. The business of a silk manufacturer was ruined by the coming in of rayon and nylon. When I saw him, he was running the  elevator in a YMCA, and doing it joyously, a happy, integrated man. He had given a pipe organ worth fifty thousand dollars to his church.

It was the only thing he saved—the thing he gave! He delighted to go to the church and play the organ, and he delighted to run the elevator. Out of the wreck of outer fortune he saved two things: his soul and his organ. He gave them both to Christ, and then they were secure—eternally secure. I touched that man for just a few moments at the close of a meeting, but his victory has become a part of my victory. He had life, and he passed it on to me. He wiped his hands on his apron, for he had been on kitchen duty when I saw him, but when I took his hand, I knew that I held the hand of a real king—the greatest of them all.


O Father God, I know one bank that will not break—the bank of Thy hands. I can never become bankrupt when I and my possessions are there. I am grateful that they are there. Now there is no fear. Amen.


I am in Jesus, therefore the joyous will be the overtone, the solemn, the undertone.

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Eli Stanley Jones was an evangelical Methodist missionary to India who sought to make a clear distinction between biblical Christianity and Western culture. For 70 years, Dr. E. Stanley Jones proclaimed the Gospel of Christ throughout the world, earning him the title of "the world's greatest missionary evangelist" by Time magazine in 1938, the Gandhi Peace Prize in 1963, and two Nobel Peace Prize nominations during his lifetime. An author of 29 books, he moved among statesmen and among leaders as counselor, friend, and worker for peace and helped hundreds of thousands, from village outcasts in India to molders of public opinion in America, Japan, Europe, and India.