Live Love Service Night

Live Love Service Night

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I like to take a month to remind students about the never ending love of Christ. We spend that month not only talking about love in relationships with the opposite sex, but with friends, family, and our neighbors. The last Sunday of that month we do a spirit led, service based activity called “Live Love.” Our goal is to live out the love of Christ through random acts of service.

Drivers for the evening show up about 30 minutes early. I type up a list of vehicles with two adults in each, as well as, the number of seats available to students. Students show up with $5 and can sign up for a vehicle.

Each vehicle loads up after instructions. Once the cars are loaded, they are instructed to pray about where they are to go and what they are to do.  After praying they should leave and start heading in whatever direction they feel led. I tell them to ask for God to highlight people, places, and things to them.  If they get stuck not knowing what to do, they are to stop and pray again. They can use the $5 during the activity to live out the love of Christ. Sometimes the group uses all the money combined together in the group for supplies or to bless one or multiple people.

All vehicles should be back at the building 20 minutes or so before your evening is to end. Once all the groups are back, each group had about 3 minutes to highlight what God did. Sometimes the stories involve people being prayed for, food provided, flowers being bought, or even paying for someone’s gas at a gas station.

This activity is great for students to practice real love, being in tune with the Holy Spirit, prayer, & how to share a testimony of God’s work.


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