Long Story Short

by Joshua McNall

Long Story Short traces the big story of who God is and how he is saving the world through six simple movements: Creation; Fall; Israel; Jesus; Church; New Creation. Readers will not only understand how the stories of the Bible fit together into a seamless whole, they will also be compelled to step into the drama to be part of its performance.

Perfect for:

  • Newcomers classes
  • College or Young Adult Ministry
  • Home groups
    • Neighborhood Bible studies
    • Sunday School
    In these pages you will:
  • Learn the big story of Scripture as a seamless whole
  • Engage with a highly readable book
  • Be challenged to think about familiar stories of the Bible in fresh ways
  • Meet the Author

    Joshua McNall (PhD, Manchester) is assistant professor of theology at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He and his wife, Brianna, have four young children and he blogs regularly at


    “Joshua McNall in his engaging and witty little book Long Story Short, can help you understand the storied world in and of the Bible, and perhaps more importantly help you understand how actually you are in the story, and you must embrace it as yours.”

    “Long Story Short will make you smile, make you think, make you wince, make you wonder. It warmly welcomes you into fresh engagement with ancient truth. Josh masterfully connects the familiar with what we have yet to discover. Whether you read it personally or discuss it in a book club or small group, you’ll see yourself in God’s story.”

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