Sunday Best: Lyrical Theology, Marrying the Wrong Person, Technocratic Imperialism


Fred Sanders humorously reviews Boethius’ book in medieval philosophical fashion—according to the “four causes.”

Jonathan Powers writes on the power in lyrical theology. Must read for all worship leaders.

Tom Fuerst writes a compelling piece, “Stop Introducing People to God.”

A few grown men speculate on why men have stopped singing in our churches.

Ever hear of “technocratic imperialism? Julian Assange, creator of Wikipedia, writes on trends in information sharing.

Joel Miller writes on the secret behind the Bible’s most “highlighted verse.” (hint: it’s not John 3:16)

Do you listen to young atheists? Some claim it may make for a stronger Christianity.

Scot McKnight blogs about pastors, doubt, and Christianity, inspired by the work of Peter Enns.

One young man writes a helpful article “How I Know My Wife Married the Wrong Person.”

Read about How Calvinism Is Dividing the Southern Baptist Convention.


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