Marco Polo On Land


Just enough water to be fun, and not enough to get sick if it’s still a little cool.

Choose someone to be Marco. Blindfold Marco and give them the super-soaker.  Then instruct the students that there are four rules:

  1. They must stay inside the boundaries.
  2. They must answer Polo whenever Marco says his name (though they do not have to yell).
  3. When they are hit by water, they are out and must exit the playing field.
  4. Persons who are not on the field must not respond when Marco says “MARCO!”

The last person standing is Marco next time.

To kick it up a notch:

  • Periodically make the boundaries smaller
  • Add an additional Marco after each round
  • Make someone being “out” expire after counting to 30 or 60 (this works best if you have a large number of Marcos)


  • Blindfold
  • Long-range water gun (super soaker)
  • Field
  • Cones or other method to designate boundaries.

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