Miracles: The Credibility of The New Testament Accounts (Part 1)


Miracles seem like a foreign concept to the Western world. To many, modern science has superseded the miraculous. However, Craig Keener’s new book, “Miracles: The Credibility of The New Testament Accounts,” demonstrates that many miracle accounts throughout history and in contemporary times are genuine divine acts, giving more credibility to those recorded in the bible.

The book is a two-volume, meticulously researched work. It’s received praise for its dynamic approach to the subject. The release of “Miracles” was even featured in Christianity Today.

I sat down with Keener for a behind-the-scenes look at “Miracles.” You’ll hear some insight into stories that appear in the book, including Keener’s personal reflections. In part one of this nine part series, find out why Keener calls the book an accident and why it was more personal to him than some of his other books.

You can view the entire Miracles series here.