Mosaic: A Discussion Lesson in 1 Corinthians

Credit: takki2529 / Thinkstock

In the body of Christ we are all unique parts to His divine purpose and plan, much like a piece of tile in a mosaic.  When we work together, we make a beautiful masterpiece.  In this series, students will discover their gifts, as well as study what it means for us all to use those gifts for His glory!

 Have everyone share their highs and lows of the week.

 Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.  


  • What is behind each spiritual gift? (the Holy Spirit)
  • What are some of the different ways God works?
  • Even though He works differently, what lets us know that He is the same God? (same character and spirit)
  • What are spiritual gifts?
  • What can you do with spiritual gifts?
  • How do you see these in the church? In our youth group?
  • Even though we have many different gifts, we have the same spirit behind them.  How does that cause problems sometimes?

Take time as a group to pick out what each other’s spiritual gifts are.

Spend time in prayer for each person to recognize their gifts.  



Caroline has served in student ministry for almost 10 years, and is currently the Youth and Young Adult Minister at Destin United Methodist Church in Destin, FL and co-founder of WAVES Girls Event, a conference for girls ages 14-24. Getting a call into youth ministry at age 16 in Nashville, TN led to Caroline getting a degree in Youth and Family Ministry and a certificate through PREPARE/ENRICH for Premarital Counseling at Abilene Christian University in 2009. She got her start in full time student ministry at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. Caroline loves to encourage students in their faith, and see them be lights in their community. Some things Caroline enjoys is time on the beach, reading, sushi, coffee, traveling and time with her friends and family. You can follower her on her blog, called “Big Hare & Big Faith,”, or on Instagram and Twitter: @CarolineHare