Musical Condiment Twister

Musical Condiment Twister

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Twister can be awkward; however, all that awkwardness will disappear once you add some ketchup and relish! The idea is really simple, and a little messy. Okay, it’s a little simple and REALLY messy.

  1. Create a twister board on a piece of plastic sheeting using paper plates to mark circles and filling those circles in with Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, and Mayonnaise with blue food coloring.
  2. Print out pieces of paper that say, “Right foot,” “Left Foot,” “right hand,” and “Left Hand” on red, blue, green, and yellow paper.  You want enough of these to have each phrase on each color AND to have enough for each spectator to have one.
  3. Place the pieces of papers on the backs of the spectator chairs.
  4. Blow up a beach ball.
  5. Select four or five players (you may want to have two boards… one for guys, and one for girls)
  6. Instruct the spectators, “Once the music starts, throw or hit the beach ball back and fourth.  When the music stops, so does the beach ball.  The person holding the beach ball yells out the instructions on the back of their chair like “right foot red” and the players will obey.
  7. The players play without removing hands/feet from the board unless they are instructed to by the crowd.

Supply List

  • Chairs
  • Pieces of red, blue, green, and yellow paper that say, “Right foot,” “Left Foot,” “right hand,” and “Left Hand” (each body part should be printed on all the colors).  Enough for each chair in the room to have one attached.
  • 1 Beach Ball
  • Something to play music
  • Custom made twister board (red-ketchup green-relish, yellow-mustard, blue-mayonnaise with blue food coloring)


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