New Year’s Reminders

New Year’s Reminders

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New Year’s Resolutions are as overdone as they are easily forgotten. Try this idea to take them to the next level! Ask students to think over their past year and write a letter to themselves.  Give them some spiritual questions to get them started:

  • What is something you learned about God?
  • Who is someone you need to forgive?
  • Who is someone you need to ask forgiveness from?
  • What is something you heard God say to you?
  • What is something you heard a pastor or youth leader say that you don’t want to forget?

Then ask them to place the letter in an envelope, seal it, and address it to themselves. Take the letters up and stick them in a drawer for several months. Sometime around May or June when you are rummaging through your desk and see the letters, mail them.


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