Noah and the Flood


As the link to my blog post “Re-Writing Noah: Seven Things You Might not Know about theBiblical Flood Story” ┬áslides off the main Seedbed page, I thought a link to the article here would be handy!

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  1. Hello,
    There was an article/blog post you had made in 2005 “Creation 1-Starting at the Beginning?” – I can’t seem to find it online anymore – Is it still available anywhere, or do you no longer believe that article? Thanks, Stewart

    • Hi Stewart,
      You give me a false dichotomy here! It not being available doesn’t mean I stopped believing what I posted. It’s possible I prefer only to leave posts up for a limited period of time. Or it’s possible a publisher wants me to turn it into a book, and copyright issues make it more convenient to leave it offline. It’s also possible I’ve changed my blog hosting service twice since posting that piece and just haven’t gotten around to freshening it up and adapting it to the new format. If you have some specific concerns about the post, you could always drop me a personal e-mail or message with your question and I’ll be happy to reply. Thanks for reading!