On A Highway to Heaven

On A Highway to Heaven

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Covenant Church stands out by equipping and sending laity to connect people with Christ in their own passions and communities. “(Evangelism) happens by intentionally creating relationships with people who share a common interest,” said Pastor of Congregational Ministries Jay Buckingham. “Our groups ministry allows leaders to build these relationships, and in the process, help group members move one step closer to Christ.”

We encourage our members to lead semester-long groups centered on their passions. We believe those passions are given to them by the Lord and that He can take a person’s passion (motorcycle riding, sewing, baking, etc.) and use it to connect people to Himself and to the body of Christ. Most small groups systems are content driven from the top down. This system is relationship driven from the bottom up.

One of my favorite stories about group discipleship begins with a husband and wife. The wife has been a committed believer for many years, but her husband has not and rarely used to attend church. But he rides a motorcycle. Several men in the church put together a group for motorcycle riders, and when this woman told her husband about the group, he decided to join. The husband has gradually taken steps toward God and now attends church regularly. I am not sure he has made Jesus Lord of his life, but his group leaders continue to build a relationship with him, share scripture, and pray for him. The Lord is at work, and it is rewarding to watch Him. – Jay Buckingham

Every Sunday, Seedbed will feature stories of how God is working through the people that make up the Church. We want to hear how God is working in your church. If you think your church should be featured in Seedbed’s Sunday series then email us at seedbed@asburyseminary.edu


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