Prayer for Illumination

Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David! Lord, we want our eyes to be opened!


Matthew 20:29-34

As they were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed Him.  And two blind men sitting by the road, hearing that Jesus was passing by, cried out, “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!”

The crowd sternly told them to be quiet, but they cried out all the more, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”

And Jesus stopped and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

They said to Him, “Lord, we want our eyes to be opened.”

Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.



Sinful, and blind, and poor,

And lost without Thy grace,

Thy mercy I implore,

And wait to see Thy face;

Begging I sit by the wayside,

And long to know the Crucified.

Jesu, attend my cry,

Thou Son of David, hear;

If now Thou passest by,

Stand sill and call me near,

The darkness from my heart remove,

And show me now Thy pardoning love.

—Charles and John Wesley

Hymns for the Lord’s Supper #69

Prayer of Intercession

You have united us in your grace. You have bound us together in your love. Continue to open our eyes that, throughout all the coming ages, with all the saints in glory, we may forever feast on your presence. And open the eyes of all this world to recognize you, Lord God, that their lives might be changed. Amen


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