The Farm Team - Seedbed

The Farm Team

Seedbed is a collection of passionate visionaries and professionals who share a common love for Jesus Christ and the Wesleyan witness. To keep things running in an orderly and sustainable manner, there is a small core team of full- and part-time gospel servants minding the store and planting for next season’s harvest. Also providing support are many volunteers who work for the joy of sharing their gifts and multiplying the Lord’s work through Seedbed. To them, we are unspeakably grateful.

J. D. Walt is the chief sower and visionary for Seedbed. He works through the Word of God each day on the Seedbed Daily Text, but most important, he demonstrates the Seedbed mantra of Sola Sancta Caritas (only holy love) as he gives leadership to Seedbed’s vision, development, design, and tribe.

Andrew Miller is Seedbed’s director of publishing and leads the publishing team in Franklin, Tennessee. Andy comes to Seedbed from a lifelong vocation as a publisher. He brings a deep passion for the recovery of a Wesleyan theological vision for the church and particularly for the reissuing of what we’re calling The John Wesley Collection, a treasure trove of source material from ages past.

Micah Smith is Seedbed’s executive director of operations. You’ll find her on the other end of most of your Seedbed questions, behind our websites and other technologies, and making sure the Farm Team has everything it needs to sow extravagantly for a great awakening. And if you can’t find her in any of those places, it’s because she’s chasing down her toddler and his younger sister who are almost certainly colluding against her and her husband Adam.

Andrew Dragos is the editorial director for Seedbed’s content. He served in local ministry before transitioning to publishing and developing theological resources for the church. In his free time, you can find him reading a good book, designing, or doing photography for his friends and family.

Holly Jones is Seedbed director of production. As such, she fastidiously manages the tedious process of book publishing from manuscript to finished book. She also serves as the resident expert on the Chicago Manual of Style and 80s music.

Jenna Miller serves as Seedbed’s director of finances and business operations. In other words, she’s an organizational mastermind and our in-house numbers wiz—not to mention the mother of a less-than-one-year-old. Sometimes she sleeps.

Darlene “Darry” Chaney serves as Seedbed’s chief fulfillment officer. She makes sure the packages run on time so that you get what you want exactly when you want it.

Mark Benjamin serves as our director of connections. He possesses the rare mix of gifts that enable him to fly at 35,000 feet and be on the ground at the same time—exactly who you want at the helm of a growing conferencing and networking ministry.

Nick Perreault serves Seedbed as the director of all things visual and design-related. He runs Strange Last Name, a creative design & photography studio with his wife, Camille. When they’re not working or wrangling two wild children, he spends time organizing his collection of vinyl records and custom fonts.

Kevin Henson serves as Seedbed’s chief resourcing agent for the Republic of Texas. He has served over the past twenty plus years at a variety of posts across several local churches. His other day job has him on the staff of Compassion International advancing the cause of millions of children in need around the world.

Maren Kurek serves as Seedbed’s editorial assistant of print resources. She is married with two young children. She has a love-hate relationship with her third vocation as a domestic engineer (a.k.a. professional house cleaner), where she also doubles as a curator of America’s best podcasts.