Prayer Requests for Seedbed


Seedbed is sowing for a great awakening. This means we are attempting something that apart from Jesus cannot be accomplished. I often rehearse his words to us from the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of John when he said, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you” (v.7).

It’s a powerful “then” with a massive “if.” We aspire for the ethos and culture of Seedbed to cohere around these three things:

1. Our abiding in Jesus and

2. His Word abiding in us.

3. Asking for everything we wish.

In that spirit, as one giving leadership to Seedbed, I wanted to share with you, our fellow sowers of the Gospel, what we are asking for and invite you to join with us in agreement in these prayers.

Pray for ever-increasing creativity in the execution of this vision and call to action via our literary and media development efforts.

Pray for a heart-level attentiveness and connectivity with the real needs of the church.

Pray for our seeds to find good soil which yield a harvest of 30-, 60-, and even 100-fold.

Pray for our efforts to have the effect of uniting many significant voices around this vision of the Gospel we have inherited and which we together steward.

Pray for the efficient and effective production of a steady stream of gospel resources for the Body of Christ.

Pray for our reach to grow in its depth—we want our community to grow rather than just our hit counts.

Pray for the Lord of the harvest to provide for all of our needs—above and beyond our imagining.

Finally, pray for a re-seeding of Wesleyan Methodism in our generation, pray for an unleashing of the unlimited Gospel of total transformation and ask the Lord of the Harvest for a renaissance of scriptural holiness to spread throughout the world.

And all of this in the name of Jesus.

We are fond of quoting John Wesley when he said, “If your heart is as ours, give us your hand.” If you would somehow get this off the computer screen and into your prayerful hands we would be profoundly grateful.

And remember the next thing Jesus said after v.7: “It is to my Father’s glory that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples” (v.8).


Farmer. Poet. Theologian. Jurist. Publisher. Seedbed's Sower-in-Chief.