PSALM 75 - Seedbed


Julie Tennent


Redhead (Go to Dark Gethsemane)
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Dix (For the Beauty of the Earth)
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1We give thanks to You, O God,
We give thanks – Your Name is near.
Men tell of Your wondrous deeds,
Deeds which all will someday hear.
2You say, “I choose the right time;
I who judge uprightly shine.”

3“When the earth and people quake,
I’m the one who holds all fast.
4To the proud I say, ‘Boast not!’
To the wicked, ‘Pride won’t last!
5Don’t lift up your horns on high,
Don’t speak with your neck held high.

6No one from the east or west
Can a man by strength exalt.
7God it is who judges right,
He brings down or does exalt.
8In His hand He holds a cup,
Full of wine with spice mixed up.

Foaming wine the Lord pours out
on the wicked everywhere.
To the dregs they drink it down,
9As for me, I will declare,
9/10Sing God’s praise who ends all wrong
10and lifts up the righteous one.