Red Carpet Night! An End of the Year Event


redcarpetnightAs the year ends, we all want to do something that matters and we want to have fun.  Brooklyn Lindsey shared a couple years ago that her ministry has a Tacky Prom complete with thrift store tuxes and animals (not sure where animals fit but they do).  We completely stole this idea and it has been awesome.

Our first Red Carpet Night was a classy night of wearing those dresses you only get to wear once and ties that belong to dad.  The food was elegant (for student ministry) and there was a full red carpet with flowers and paparazzi.  It was also a night of honoring leaders, celebrating seniors, empowering underclassmen, and worship.
student pic 2015tackypromLast year we held a Tacky Prom and the outfits were truly amazing. It was everything tacky from the food to the photo booth.  All credit to Brooklyn Lindsey’s team for the idea and poster format.  The night contained the same tributes and worship as we closed out a school year of ministry. This year, the seniors have requested a dressy, classy night…so we will.

The point is to celebrate your year, your students and leaders and remember all God has done, is doing, and will do in the lives of those we serve.  What are you doing to put an exclamation point on your year together?  Feel free to steal Brooklyn’s idea too.  I’m sure she won’t mind.



Betsy has worked with students for over 24 years and has served at Cornerstone Church in Caledonia, MI for nineteen of those years. Currently, Betsy is the Director of Family Ministry while still holding the high school ministry hat. Betsy also teaches women’s ministry at Grace Bible College as an adjunct professor. Betsy has been married for 27 years with a son in college and daughter in high school. In her free time, she enjoys reading, laughing with her family, and date nights!