Resource Post: Women in Ministry

Resource Post: Women in Ministry

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Women in ministry often encounter unique challenges. In this post, you’ll find resources aimed to equip both women and men with an accurate biblical understanding to better serve the local church and more fully realize its potential for Kingdom mission and ministry.

The Center for Women in Ministry, affiliated with the Wesleyan Church has a great page that links to several PDF’s including, teaching resources, a position statement, an article titled ” Why Wesleyans Favor Women in Ministry” by Ken Schenck, and more.

N. T. Wright has a paper available on his website titled “Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis” It examines some of the key texts that are used to argue for and against women in ministry all wrapped up in his classic, approachable tone.

The Church of the Nazarene has put together a fascinating bibliography of resources that are not only focused on the influence of women in the Nazarene Church, but in the holiness movement more generally too. This is a great resource for finding biographies and autobiographies about women in ministry.

While representing a particular theological tradition (Wesleyan), the goal of CRI/Voice is ecumenical and global. They have a list of websites, articles and bibliographies for women in ministry on their website.

Finally, Seedbed has covered the topic of women in ministry several times. Be sure to check out Ben Witherington’s 7 Minute Seminary videos on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2), and Lindsay Bodkin’s review of “Junia is Not Alone” by Scot McKnight.

If you have a go-to resource for women in ministry, leave it here in the comments and we’ll update this post!

A special thanks to Dr. Stacy Minger of Asbury Theological Seminary who guided my research for this post.


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