Resources for Planning Financial Campaigns, Electronic Giving, and Writing Narrative Budgets

Credit: RomoloTavani / Thinkstock

Church leaders will find countless books, conferences, and in-person seminars on the topics church finances and fundraising. In addition to these offerings, however, some denominations offer online free webinars that cover these topics and can be a wonderful introduction to the subject matter. For instance, The United Methodist Church’s Board of Discipleship regularly offers free webinars (open to the public) on financial management that may be of interest to you or your ministry team.

These webinars can be viewed live or after they have been pre-recorded. As a way to increase knowledge and spark ongoing conversation, you may choose to virtually attend one of these webinars with members of a committee, task force, or staff. Here are a few examples of either upcoming or past webinars that the UMC’s Board of Discipleship has offered. (Others are available here.)

In the webinar “The Annual Campaign Toolbox” (Live on Thursday, July 13, 2017, at 6:30pm CDT) participants learn a wholistic model for year-round local church stewardship. In addition to the annual giving campaign, this webinar provides a strategy for stewardship in your church that you will not want to miss. Register for the webinar using this link.

In the pre-recorded webinar from last year entitled “Developing a Narrative Budget: You Have a Story to Tell Your People,” participants learn step-by-step tools for developing narrative budgets. Unlike line-item budgets, narrative budgets present the needs of your congregation (or organization) using a compelling story that allows donors to see the ways that the ministry makes a difference in the community and/or the world. This webinar is available when you register using this link, where you will be  guided through the process to launch the application. A helpful article on the topic of narrative budgets may be found by clicking here.

In the pre-recorded webinar from earlier this year entitled “Offering Electronic Giving: What Are You Waiting For?,” participants learn about the benefits of electronic giving and the obstacles many church leaders face when trying to implement electronic giving in their ministry setting. This webinar is available when you register using this link, where you will be  guided through the process to launch the application.