Rise: The Great Fifty Days 10


Rules for employing our Time.


1. In the morning, when you awake, accustom yourself to think first on God. And at

night also, let him close your eyes. And let your sleep be necessary and healthful, not

beyond the needs of nature.


2. Let every man that has a calling be diligent in it, so as not to neglect it in any

of those times which are usually and by the custom of prudent persons and good

husbands employed in it.


3. Let all the intervals or void spaces of time be employed in prayers, reading,

meditating, charity, and means of spiritual and corporal health; ever remembering

so to work in our calling, as not to neglect the work of our high calling; but to begin

and end the day with God.


4. Avoid the company of busy-bodies, and all such as are apt to talk much to little

purpose; for no man can be provident of his time that is not prudent in the choice

of his company. And if one of the speakers be trifling, he that hears and he that

answers are equal losers of their time.



Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty King Charles II

Rule and Exercises OF HOLY LIVING.

CHAP. I. Section 1


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