Rise: The Great Fifty Days 28

Rise: The Great Fifty Days 28

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Humility results from an honest personal appraisal. Nothing humbles us more than seeing ourselves clearly. Self-knowledge involves two steps. The first is an admission of our sinful nature. Regardless of our attempts to live a holy life, we cannot escape an awareness of our weak and fallen condition. The other source of our humility results from the recognition of the transcendent love and worthiness of God. Before God, nature trembles, the most educated become fools, and the saints and angels turn away from the brightness. God’s presence inspires awe, and if God did not sustain us during the experience of it, unthinkable things might happen.   Perfect  humility results from firsthand experience of God’s goodness, and it lasts forever. Imperfect humility that springs from self-evaluation soon passes away, not only when we die, but also during those inspired moments when God allows an individual to rise above self-awareness. Whether this happens frequently or infrequently, it lingers for only a brief moment. During that instant, perfect humility is ours.  The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 13

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