Rise: The Great Fifty Days 40

Rise: The Great Fifty Days 40

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As to myself, I can say the Lord gives and wonderfully preserves my natural and spiritual health. God feeds my soul every day. I find abundant sweetness in God. Sometimes I find myself ready to say God has purified my heart, but then again I wonder and fear. On the whole, I trust my spirituality increases beyond the past.

I see the necessity of preaching full and present salvation from all sin. Whenever I do this I wonder myself, as my hearers do. I know I must pray frequently and fervently; without that no one can continue in qualified status to preach the Gospel.

I have a lot to supervise. O pray for me that I may know the full light and power of God, and serve him with zeal and prudence, and above all with humility and a single eye. In so praying, you will greatly oblige me.

-Francis Asbury to John Wesley, written from Halifax, North Carolina, 20 March 1784

Francis Asbury (1745-1815) was one of the first two bishops of the American Methodist movement. He traveled for thousands of miles on horseback, delivering sermons and helpilng with the founding of several schools. Under his leadership many answered the call to salvation, and the Methodist movement grew tremendously. Buy The Daily Asbury, edited by Dr. Donald Demaray, Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Asbury Theological Seminary, as a devotional companion here.



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