Rise: The Great Fifty Days 43


Jesus prayed in John 17:21 that His children would be one, just as the Father and He are one. He prayed as if He should say, O Father, I will leave this world soon, and I see a time to come when even those You have given me will meet with strong temptations to divide. But Father, I ask you most earnestly to care for them, keeping their hearts united in the strongest union possible.

What a pity if we lost that closeness! Let us prize this prayer which means more to us than ten thousand worlds. Luther writes a chiding letter to Melanchton: “You sinfully distrustful, carking thoughts make void our prayers.” By our disharmonies, born of mistrust and fear, we make void Jesus’ prayer for the oneness of the Church. -Francis Asbury, editor, The Causes, Evils, and Cures of Heart and Church Divisions

Francis Asbury (1745-1815) was one of the first two bishops of the American Methodist movement. He traveled for thousands of miles on horseback, delivering sermons and helpilng with the founding of several schools. Under his leadership many answered the call to salvation, and the Methodist movement grew tremendously. Buy The Daily Asbury, edited by Dr. Donald Demaray, Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Asbury Theological Seminary, as a devotional companion here.


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