Rise: The Great Fifty Days 44


I preached at a new place in a meadow to about one hundred people who were wild enough. After preaching, I had to ride twelve miles for my dinner. In this our labor, we have to encounter hunger, heat, and many restless nights with mosquitoes, unwholesome provisions, and bad water. But all this is for souls. If I worked for silver, I would require a great sum! But the Lord does not show Himself unrighteous to forget our labor of love. Our reward lies with Him.

-Journal, 23 June 1779

Francis Asbury (1745-1815) was one of the first two bishops of the American Methodist movement. He traveled for thousands of miles on horseback, delivering sermons and helpilng with the founding of several schools. Under his leadership many answered the call to salvation, and the Methodist movement grew tremendously. Buy The Daily Asbury, edited by Dr. Donald Demaray, Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Asbury Theological Seminary, as a devotional companion here.


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