An Introduction to OneBook: The Biblical Journey – The Gospel of Mark with Joseph Dongellyear long bible study

The below discussion guide represents the first two weeks of The Biblical Journey: The Gospel of Mark, a year long Bible study with Dr. Joseph Dongell. As you consider this resource for your small group communities, you will note that the first three days are given to preparing for the teaching time. The group session is dedicated to the video teaching segment and the group discussion. The last three days of the week are devoted to focused life application. Then the weekly rhythm repeats itself: three days of preparation, one teaching session, and three days of life application.

It works best to dedicate no less than ninety minutes to the group meeting time and preferably two hours. Fifty minutes will be used for viewing the teaching session. Discussion breaks will be inserted into this time. During these intermissions, discussion will center around the questions under the “Questions for Reflection” section. In the time remaining, following the video session, discussion will focus on some of the questions under the “Questions for Life Application” section.

Note: There are more questions than can possibly be responded to in the course of one session. You will see this list of questions repeated each week. The best practice would be for each member of the group to choose one question that they would like to respond to in the group time. It does not need to be the same question for each person. In this way different people will respond to different questions as the Holy Spirit leads throughout the course of the study.

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