Second Breakfast: IV

Second Breakfast: IV

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For the first two or three years after my conversion, I used to ask for specific things. Now I ask for God. Supposing there is a tree full of fruits – you will have to go and buy or beg the fruits from the owner of the tree. Every day you would have to go for one or two fruits. But if you can make the tree your own property, then all the fruits will be your own. In the same way, if God is your own, then all things in Heaven and on earth will be your own, because He is your Father and is everything to you; otherwise you will have to go and ask like a beggar for certain things. When they are used up, you will have to ask again. So ask not for gifts but for the Giver of Gifts: not for life but for the Giver of Life – then life and the things needed for life will be added unto you.

-Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889 – ?) was an Indian who converted to Christianity through a miracluous dream. He went on to serve as a misisonary to his people in a distinctly Indian way, devoting himself to ascetic practices and helping set the foundation for the church in his own country.


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