Second Breakfast: XLVII

Second Breakfast: XLVII

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We believe another such Divine idea is afoot; an idea whose time has come again. It’s the idea that God doesn’t just save people from the penalty of sin. This is only the beginning. God, in his grace, saves people from the power and even the effects of sin. No one is beyond the reach of the grace of God and no sin beyond His power to re-form into the resplendence of holiness. In every age, the Spirit of God searches the contintents, looking for witnesses with the audacity to proclaim a Gospel without limitations. The Spirit sifts the generations, looking for men and women ready to display the species of grace whose properties hold the potential to completely re-form persons and communities into the image of God.

-J.D. Walt, Seeds: A Scattering of Groundbreaking Ideas

This week’s “Second Breakfasts” are taken from the compilation work named above. We are proud to present a brief resource to you whose message is richly transformative and which serves as the foundation for Seedbed’s distinctive spiritual-theological heritage. Find Seeds here.


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