Security and Adventure


We saw yesterday that the four basic needs of all human nature, as amended, are the need to belong, to have security, to have adventure, and to have satisfaction. We have looked at two; we must now look at the other two.

We looked at security. Ask the man feverishly piling up money at any cost why he is doing it and he will reply, “I want security, for myself and my loved ones.” Strangely enough, the headhunters of Borneo say the same thing in answer to the question, “Why do you hunt heads?” The reply: “For security.” The spirit of the man whose head is severed enters the skull of the dead man and becomes the servant of the man who conquered him. The more heads one has the more security he has. I stood under a cluster of twenty-one dried skulls and preached the gospel to the headhunters. The security of securities—of the Western man and of spirits in skulls—is vulnerable. But in Jesus security is secure—eternally.

He “will go in”—to find security “and out”—to find adventure. It is not enough to be secure; we can be so secure that life turns dull and tame and full of boredom. We need adventure as well as security. Being in Christ provides for both—provides for security and adventure—in and out. Does the Christian faith provide for adventure? It does—and how! To be a Christian is the most adventuresome thing in the world. You are exploring life—yes, Life. The limits of exploring the physical universe are fixed, but the limits of exploring Life are unfixed; they are limitless. In Jesus, there is a surprise around every corner. Life is popping with novelty.


O Jesus, Thou art alive and Thou art making me alive—alive to beauty, to laughter, to wonders within and without. I rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. I am free to live, free to enjoy, free to adventure. I thank Thee. Amen.


Christ is my adventure—I’m exploring the eternal in Him.

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