Seedbed’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

Seedbed’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

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Every year we round up the most popular articles and videos on our website. The top ten for 2017 are listed below.

10) An Order of Service for Ash Wednesday (Elizabeth Rhyno)

Lent is right around the corner. Elizabeth Rhyno shares a tried and true order of worship for Ash Wednesday that can be used and adapted for your own congregation’s needs.

9) A Letter to a Seasoned Pastor (Ashlee Alley)

What would a new pastor say to a senior pastor or District Superintendent? Ashlee Alley shares some provocative perspective from those called “millennial” pastors.

8) Why Do We Pass the Peace? (Morgan Clark)

Why do we have “the passing of the peace” incorporated into the worship service? Morgan Clark explains the great theological richness of this practice.

7) Seven Things the Bible Teaches about Love and Romance (Andrew Dragos)

We tend to think of romance around Valentine’s Day in secular terms. Andrew Dragos shares seven things Scripture has to say about love in the romantic sense.

6) A Word About Pornography—And 5 Reasons Why It’s a Big Deal (David Hull)

Is pornography really a victimless sin? David Hull shares the truth about pornography’s effects and our call, as Christians, to reject it.

5) Refuting Common Objections to Ordaining Women (Ben Wayman)

Should the church ordain women? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Ben Wayman responds to common objections that would limit ordination to men.

4) Ten Great Consequences of the Protestant Reformation (Andrew Dragos)

Where would we be without the Protestant Reformation that happened 500 years ago? Read these quick points by Andrew Dragos as a reference for the great consequences of this powerful historical moment.

3) Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Reflections on American Theology (James Heidinger)

What did Bonhoeffer think about the theology he found upon his arrival in America in the 20th century? James Heidinger reports on this well known episode.

2) Five Marks of Theological Liberalism (James Heidinger)

In response to historic orthodoxy, what did theological liberalism actually do? James Heidinger shares the tenets of that theological shift.

1) Five Doctrinal Myths Hurting the Church (Andrew Dragos)

In popular theology, we come across all sorts of doctrinal myths and errors. Andrew Dragos shares five surprising myths that may be hurting the Body of Christ.


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