Shane Claiborne Interview with J.D. Walt


Here’s a post 0f our 3-part interview with Shane Claiborne, hosted by Seedbed’s Sower-in-Chief, J.D. Walt.

Shane Claiborne on The Sermon on the Mount

Shane Claiborne on Living as a Red Letter Christian

Shane Claiborne on How Bad Theology Kills

Shane Claiborne Shane is a founding partner of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped to birth and connect radical faith communities around the world. He is also the author of Jesus for President and The Irresistible Revolution.


Resourcing people, communities, and movements to love the whole world with the whole gospel.


  1. I have read all of Shane’s books. (Some young men at a Chrysalis Flight told me about him.) He doesn’t know what an influence he has had on my walk with Christ. We need more Christians to live the Gospel !
    I found you, seedbed, about a year ago and am pleased to see theses videos with Shane. We can awaken the church! Thank you for your encouragement and hard work.