Shine Your Light Small Group Lesson Week 2

Shine Your Light Small Group Lesson Week 2

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Intro: In the last lesson, we discussed what it means to shine our light and how to shine. Today, we are going to continue our discussion on how to shine and will also discuss what we do as light shiners.

How Do You Shine Your Light?

1. Keep Your Flame Lit!(materials needed:candle, glass, lighter or match)

Light the candle and place it under the glass. Eventually the flame will burn out because there is no more oxygen.

Discuss: Even though we couldn’t see the oxygen, the flame needed it in order to keep burning. We have talked about how vital God and Jesus are to our light shining, but we also need to talk about the part the Holy Spirit plays. Even though he is unseen, we need him in order to keep our lights shining. Shining our lights has everything to do with the Holy Spirit inside of us shining out. The Holy Spirit can take a 5 watt bulb and make it into a searchlight for Jesus, discerning good from evil and acting with faith in times of darkness, trouble, and stress. And the darker it gets, the more a very small, tiny light can shine beautifully to be seen by all in that darkness.

2. Get Moving!

When we have a tight relationship with God and Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit, we can really begin to shine as we put our faith into action. Read Isaiah 58:6-10.

Explain: This scripture clearly outlines how we shine our lights. When we do the things listed here, such as breaking the chains of injustice and giving food to the hungry and shelter to the poor, that is when our lights shine the brightest. (Take out the crank flashlight, pass it around to each student having them crank it twice and then try to shine it, before passing it on to the next student. At the start, the light will be weak, but after everyone has cranked it, it should shine brighter.) Explain: The flashlight shined brighter after we moved the crank several times. Our lights work the same way. The more we move by putting our faith into action, the more we allow the Holy Spirit to move in us and the more we live according to God’s will, the brighter we shine. Shining is something that cannot be forced, something that happens naturally as a result of living like Jesus and reflecting his character to those around you. There is no better way to reflect his character and shine bright than by reaching out and serving others.


  • Tell about a time or times when you put your faith into action and felt that you were shining brightly.
  • Share some ways that you have seen other people shine while serving others.
  • Which of the things discussed in Isaiah 58 is most difficult for you and how can you work to improve your ability to shine in that area?

What Does it Look Like to Be a Light Shiner??

Read 1 Timothy 4:12.

As a light shiner, there should be some things about us that set us apart from the rest of the world. We should be pointing others to God in every area of our lives, and , as it says in 1 Timothy 4:12, we should set an example. The way we dress, the way we talk, our entertainment, our calendar, the way we spend our money, the way we worship and the way we treat others, should be representative of the God whose light we are shining. People should notice something different in us. They should see the light we are shining, and when they do, it should give us the perfect opportunity to point them towards the source of our light.

As believers, when we shine brightly for Jesus, we should be attracting others to his light instead of leading them astray. The way we shine should be a top priority, because we never know who is watching us. We should be generous with our lives, looking for a way to lend a helping hand. We should allow God’s light and his love to flow from us to others.


  • In what areas is it most difficult for you to be an example?

Reflection Time:

Have the students turn to the “Shine Your Light” Journal pages in their study journals. During this time, students can choose to spread out or stay where they are, whichever is more comfortable for them, so that they can spend some quiet time reflecting on the study for today and making it personal.

Bring your group back together and ask if anyone would like to share anything they wrote or reflected on during their reflection time.

Close in Prayer  


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