Simon Says and Twister Collision: Birdie on a Perch


What do you get when you cross “Simon Says” and “Human Twister”? You get “Birdie on a Perch”! Students pair up, follow some directions from the leader and try to not be the last one to perch their birdie.


Each person should find a partner. Next, each team should determine which person will be the “birdie” and which will be the “perch”. Spread out.

You will need a few adults or extras spread out around the room to serve as judges. The leader will call out two body parts. Explain that the first part called out should be the “Birdie’s” and the second should be the “Perch’s”.

For example, the leader says, “Elbow to foot, hand to ear, nose to nose.” Each team completes the movements as quickly as the leader calls them out.

Then, the leader will say, “Birdie on a Perch”. Then the “Birdie” jumps on the back of the “Perch”. The last Birdie to successfully get on the back of the Perch is out. If you have a large group, you might consider getting the last 2 or 3 groups out to make the game move quicker.

When you get down to the final 3 groups, bring them to the front and allow the whole group to be judges. The winning team is the last duo remaining.

There are other variations of the game. Here is a video of an example of an alternate version:


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