Singing our Way from Ashes to Ascension

Singing our Way from Ashes to Ascension

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Today is Ash Wednesday, the doorway into the 40 days of journeying to the cross. As you may have seen on this site, Seedbed has designed a daily book, SING, leading us on a journey of learning to sing the Psalms. We began the warm up earlier in February, but we begin in earnest today with the observance of Ash Wednesday. Here are a few ways to join in:

1. We have a limited number of copies of the book left. We will mail you one or more at a reduced rate of $1 plus shipping. Digital download is only 50 cents.

2. The reader can be engaged daily on Visit this same address on your mobile device and find a special mobile app for SING.

3. Because we are singing we’ve produced two soundtracks. One is instrumental only and traditional. The other contains both instrumental and vocal tracks and is done in a more modern format with guitar, keyboard, etc. You can get a feel for that one in the clip below. You can also access a hymn browser on the reader site.

4. Follow the Sing journey on twitter at @twiturgy for short scripture posts from the day’s reading.

Finally, just for fun, take a look at this “behind the music” footage of the SING modern renditions project.


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