Slip and Slide Wiffle Ball

Slip and Slide Wiffle Ball

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Take the great American pastime, substitute plastic bats and balls and then add water for a game that is fun for anyone willing to get wet!

Before you start make a trip to the hardware store or Amazon to buy plastic sheeting.  If they have a big enough selection you can make you life easier by buying the plastic that is already 3 feet wide.  If they don’t, a couple students who really like scissors can cut them down to size.

Once you have the sheeting, lay out your baseball diamond paving the paths between bases with your expertly-crafted, custom plastic sheeting.  Then spray it down and add your favorite slipperyizer (like dish detergent) to make sure students don’t take your base pathways with them when they try to steal second.  Once you have that, play a game of wiffle ball with the normal rules or add the traditional youth ministry modifications below to take it to the ridiculous level.

If you want to go all out, buy a huge amount of plastic and pave the entire playing area with plastic, water and, of course, the slipperyizer so that no one is able to stand for too long.

The traditional modifications:

  • Have students place their foreheads on the top of the bat and spin around (once per year) making sure that the bottom of the bat is touching the ground
  • Have the baseball superstar hit every ball so that the non-baseballites don’t get embarrassed
  • Make everyone hit from a kid-height Tee.


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