Sunday Best: 50 Women You Should Know, Digital Content Security, Church Visitors


Christiany Today publishes 50 women you should know.

Some users are having a difficult time with Amazon and eBooks. What does this mean for the security of your digital content?

Gizmodo points us to places you can get a liberal arts education for free on the internet. What are the pros and cons of these educational experiences?

Advice for youth workers is offered by a veteran in the ministry over at Youth Work Talk.

Ministry Matters publishes a post revealing what Bing thinks about Baptists and Methodists.

For some voters, nuclear issues are the primary thing to think about when going to the polls. Huffington Posts reports.

I’m not a Christian, but I’m coming to your church this Sunday.” The Resurgence posts a helpful piece to get us thinking about what those outside the church experience when they visist.

Dr. Ben Witherington III gets some exposure about his work Eat, Play, Love—a Christian vision for life.


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