Sunday Best: Adoption, the Presidential Ballot, Women and Ministry

Sunday Best: Adoption, the Presidential Ballot, Women and Ministry

In this myth-busting essay from The Gospel Coalition, Glenn Stanton makes a compelling case for abandoning the anaology between the cross of Jesus and the electric chair. In the process he strengthens our understanding of the love of God and the power of the cross.

This week Pat Robertson made some controversial comments about adoption. Read Russell Moore’s response here. Moore is a regular advocate for adoption.

What is one way to encourage real presence over meals in our media-saturated culture? One restaurant is offering a 5% discount to those who dine without their phone.

Dr. Craig Keener writes again on the important topic of women and ministry at the Huffington Post. Asbury Theological Seminary even gets a shout out as one of seminaries that encourage women in ministry.

What kind of questions do visitors ask when they visit a church for the first time? Ministry Matters offers alight-hearted piece about how churches often miss the mark with the answers they offer.

Ben Witherington III chides the trendy tendency to hate on the Church in the name of loving Jesus, offering guidance toward more unifying pathways and away from the tired rhetoric of protest.

The recently announced Republican running mate for Mitt Romney marks the first time in history a Protestant is not part of the presidential team. Read this piece, “The New Religious Test.”


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