Sunday Best: Agreeing to Disagree, Thriving Churches, Sex Without Bodies


United Theological Seminary is one of the fastest growing seminaries, after rebounding from crisis.

Dave Harrity writes about creativity and peacemaking at ANTLER.

Andy Crouch writes a thoughtful piece titled, “Sex Without Bodies” in the midst of last week’s controversial decisions by the Supreme Court. Jerry Walls also covered the topic.

Meet an unlikely pastor whose church is thriving among dying churches.

Maria Dixon writes, “Saying Grace: Paula Deen, Progressives, and Race.” Lawson Stone shares what he wishes Paul Deen had said.

Bishop of the Episcopal Church offers two very controversial sermons with unconventional interpretations of Scripture.

Philip Tallon offers a theistic argument for objective beauty.

David F. Watson says “agreeing to disagree is not enough” as he reviews Virtuous Minds.


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