Sunday Best: Biblical Heroes, HGTV and Sexuality, Mother's Day

Sunday Best: Biblical Heroes, HGTV and Sexuality, Mother's Day

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Tory Baucum claims that peacemaking is a gospel imperative.

Amy Young writes an open letter to pastors about Mother’s Day.

Kevin Watson writes on deeper Christian community that everyone seems to be longing for.

Some people are speculating that the recent rise in biblical movies is because Hollywood’s running out of heroes.

Timothy Tennent writes a stirring piece on heterodoxy and orthodoxy.

New research suggests that having children may make parents happier.

HGTV cancels a show because of the hosts’ views on sexuality.

World warns book buyers against a new practice of ghost writing endorsements for books

Chris Mooney writes an article on how to convince conservative Christians that global warming is real

Fuller Youth Institute publishes a list of 20 resources for this season of transitions.

CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) interviews Andy Crouch on the visual arts and power.


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