Sunday Best: Christmas and Ethnocentrism, Nelson Mandela Liturgy, Amazon and Advent


Experimental Theology writes a challenging piece on the war on Christmas and relates it to ethnocentrism.

Craig Detweiler points out the irony of what Amazon is priming us for during the Advent season.

Christena Cleveland shares how churches can embrace unmarried adults.

Hootsuite provides an infographic on the evolution of social media in the last 5 years.

Sacredise writes a powerful liturgy of remembrance for Nelson Mandela.

The band Switchfoot revealsĀ why they won’t sing “Christian” songs.

Dale Coulter shares some of his pentecostal thoughts on Pope Francis.

Josh Griffin, pastor to high schoolers at Saddleback Church, shares his youth ministry timeline.

See hands, coffee stains, and other things in these Google book scan gaffs.

Roger Olson shares why he is not a process theologian.

Andrew Thompson shares on Wesleyan Accent why we should view John Wesley as a theological mentor.


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