Sunday Best: Death Row Inmates & Art, Wesleyan Confirmation, Kids & Spiritual Energy


Brian Russell explores new language for proclaiming the gospel, and looks to Scripture for examples.

Jonathan Andersen has a guest blogger who shares how he feels “icky all over” when contemplating helping the needy.

David Fitch adds commentary on the an infographic illustrating the perils of getting a Ph.D.

One group of artists set out to fulfill death row inmates dreams.

Matt Stout writes “Our kids don’t have to sap our spiritual energy, they can help us know God better.”

The Church of Ireland elects its first female bishop.

NHL fighters find a creative way of getting around a hockey helmet rule to discourage fighting during games.

Philip Tallon writes up resources for Wesleyan confirmation.

Teddy Ray asks whether we should approach relationships with or without an agenda in evangelism.

Jonathan Powers dissects the theology of “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.”


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