Sunday Best: Rampant Depression, Non-Discipleship, Recommended Reading


J. D. Walt continues to blog daily over at our Daily Text. This one’s on why depression is so rampant.

Andrew Thompson claims that connectionalism is at the foundation of the Methodist understanding of church.

In a telling act of how social media integrates with our lifestyles, a Twitter employee live-tweets her labor.

Scot McKnight covers the work of Sarah Ruden which works to unveil what Saint Paul really said about slavery.

Historian Philip Jenkins claims that 30 years from now there will be 2 types of churches.

Michael Hyatt offers 7 tips for how to read the Bible and enjoy it.

Ben Sternke writes on the cost of non-discipleship.

Dale Coulter offers a Wesleyan take on protest and reformation, appealing to historic Christianity.

Check out our new must-see Recommended Reading list that resonates with our theological vision.


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