Sunday Best: embassy attacks, evangelical voter guide, protestant purgatory

Sunday Best: embassy attacks, evangelical voter guide, protestant purgatory

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Dr. Timothy Tennent writes a thoughtful article “Reflections on the Embassy Attacks” in light of this week’s tragic events.

Dr. Jerry Walls starts a video series discussing calvinism on his youtube channel. Here he discusses the background for Romans 9. See also his recent upload which offers an intriguing protestant defense of the doctrine of purgatory.

Frank Viola quotes Will Durant, a nonChristian historian who writes about Jesus and the early Christian movement. See what he has to say about Jesus in his book about Western Civilization.

Dr. Ben Witherington offers his evangelical voter guide in preparation for this year’s upcoming presidential race. See also Relevant Magazine’s “7 Things Christians Need to Know About Politics.”

Join College Union, Campus Crusade for Christ and others who are praying for students at the beginning of this year of college. The campaign is called “Pray 40.”

See the Resurgence’s free “Newsprint” resource for their upcoming 2012 conference on engaging culture. Helpful articles from Christian leaders across the board.

Students from Biola spent part of their summer sharing the gospel in Cambridge, England. What are some appropriate ways to contextualize the gospel in academic, global settings like Cambridge University?

Read a short piece from CNN on some of the downsides of owning a smartphone.


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