Sunday Best: God's Inclusive Love, Learning from Industries, Anachronistic Camels


Kevin Watson claims that God’s inclusive love excludes sin.

Dale Coulter writes on holiness, folk culture, and the African-American experience.

A Nigerian church is bringing the gospel to North America.

Shawna Amit reveals the feminist roots of the Wesleyan Church.

Andrew Thompson begins a project in pastoral care in the Wesleyan tradition.

Chad Brooks shares 3 industries the church needs to learn from.

Chris Keith writes on Scripture, vocation, and holiness.

Andrew Dragos writes a response to the claim that camels in the Bible are anachronistic.

Bruce Gordon continues his series on the connections between Darwinism, secularism, and decline of the West.

Alvin Plantinga is interviewed answering the question, Is atheism irrational?


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