Sunday Best: "Wed-Leases", Gray Pride, John Wesley's Sermons

Sunday Best: "Wed-Leases", Gray Pride, John Wesley's Sermons

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Pew Research publishes their finds on what Americans views are on aging, medical extension, and radical life extension.

Geoffrey Holsclaw asks if one can have an evangelical heart with a mainline brain.

With the release of Kenneth Collins and Jason Vickers’ new collection of John Wesley sermons, Fred Sanders and Andrew Thompson post about how to read John Wesley’s sermons.

Jonathan Andersen writes about the most surprising thing about ministry.

Here are 10 things Mark Rutland wishes he knew when he was 21.

One person thinks high divorce rates mean we should try “wedleases.”

Lisa Miller writes “Gray Pride: Natural and Incontrovertibly Feminine.”

James K. A. Smith writes about families, flourishing, and upward ability.

Fred Sanders claims the Trinity is not the place to go looking for evidence for gender theories.

Michelle Van Loon writes about making trouble for God’s sake.

Rachel Held Evans considers the evil within and Breaking Bad.


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