Sunday Best: Religious liberty, Jesus' existence, and theological famine


Read some reflections by Heather A Goodman on women in ministry in her post Church 101: Rethinking A Woman’s Place. “I believe the Church limits itself when it restricts women from certain roles, and like Paul, I want to see a transformed Church transforming the world–healing the hurt, ministering to the brokenhearted, and freeing the oppressed.”

Did Jesus even really exist? You may have encountered this objection to the faith with people you meet, especially online. Well, our beloved professor Dr. Craig Keener responds in his column on the Huffington Post with some great evidence. Also, regular skeptic Bart Ehrman recently wrote a book, Did Jesus Exist? on the topic as well, affirming positively that Jesus was a historical figure. See Ben Witherington III’s 6-part interview with him here.

Did you hear about Lifeway Christian Stores pulling the movie The Blindside from their shelves after 2 years? The controversy surrounds whether it is appropriate to use profanity and/or racially charged words in theatrical contexts. Read Eric Metaxas’ response on Breakpoint blog. Bob Allens writes about it at Associated Baptist Press.

Dr. Ben Witherington’s reflections on losing his daugther have been turned into an e-book by Christianity Today. In the tradition of C.S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed and Lament for a Son by Nicholas Wolterstorff, When a Daughter Dies: walking the way of grace in the midst of our grief is sure to bless those who identify with such great loss.

An Arizona man claims his home church gathering is being discriminated against and his religious liberties are being violated. The city of Phoeniz raided his home during a religious meeting recently and the pastor is now serving time in jail. More details are coming out now. Was the city right in what they did; is this significant for the American church?

Ever experience a “theologial famine”? Well, The Gospel Coalition is taking aim at this problem by purposing to provide relief in the form of resources for the global church. Is the Wesleyan community in need of such relief? Consider visitng our store for resources from a rich Wesleyan tradition, both free and some for a small fee. If you would like to support our efforts in “Sowing for a Great Awakening,” please contact us.


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