Sunday Best: Louie Giglio, Cult of Gym, Premillennialism


Check out Seedbed contributor, Dr. Matthew Sleeth’s interview with CNN on his new book re Sabbath: 24-6.

Matt O’Reilly writes an article review calling into question “scholarly consensuses” in biblical studies.

Russell D. Moore offers commentary on the Louie Giglio inauguration prayer affair. Patrol magazine offers another perspective.

The Gospel Coalition publishes a piece by a pastor who changed his mind about premillennialism, and why.

Have you heard of the “the cult of the gym?”

Zac Hicks discusses how children can be formed in worship, even if they don’t completely understand everything.

Pastor Derwin L. Gray blogs “How to Create Everyday Missionaries.”

Teddy Ray begins a journey translating John Wesley’s sermons into modern English.


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